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six weeks training in IOT ( Internet of things). Netmax is the pioneer in iot training in India. Netmax is training candidates from industry, Engineering colleges, various universities since 2012. Netmax is the market leader in embedded systems, embedded Linux training since 2001. Netmax has developed various modules based on AVR, ARM, PIC microcontrollers and also modern Embedded platforms like Arduino and Raspberry PI.six weeks training in iot

“What is IOT ( internet of things ) ”  IOT is Network of connected Embedded systems devices which can upload lot of sensor data to cloud platforms so that it can be used by companies and organisations to either Report or Display parameters like pollution , weather , Industrial production units or Automobile Sensor performance on internet or personal company Network so that an Intelligent Decision can be taken or Automatically performed across Devices or Process worldwide or in particular region using the internet or network infrastructure available to the IOT system.

internet of things is one of the most popular and trending technologies across the globe six weeks training in iotthese days? all-world technologies giants like Microsoft, ubuntu, Redhat, Intel, Arduino, Motorola, Nokia, Google are working hard to get there market share and launching development tools daily and also all major Indian IT giants also all Electronics companies in India are working on this new era technology.

Join Best of the class Six Weeks training in IOT with Netmax Technologies.

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Features of IOT training with Netmax Technologies

  • Raspberry PI and Embedded Linux
  • Basic of Linux and Embedded Linux
  • Python Programming using Raspberry pi
  • Sensor Interfacing with Raspberry Pi platform
  • Connecting to different Internet Cloud Service and Updating Sensor Data
  • Electronics Sensor Design and PCB development
  • Cloud-Based Project work with Raspberry pi and IOT
  • Arduino and IOT development
  • Updating data using IOT and Arduino with Cloud Servies
  • Internet of things and Project work
  • etc….

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