Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd is providing six weeks training in AutoCAD. Netmax is the six weeks training in autocadpioneer in AutoCAD training in India.

The Building Information Modeling ( BIM ) function of Autodesk software may help the architect, engineering and construction ( AEC ) industry create extra sustainable buildings and magnify building performance. Autodesk took Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD’s in earlier times Virtual Building concept from 1987 and afterward has continued to develop it as Building up Information Modelling since around 2003.CAD innovation is used in the design of tools and machinery along with the drafting and afterward design of all types of architecture, from small residential types ( houses ) to the topmost commercial and industrial structures ( hospitals and industrial plants ).

Six weeks training in Autocad Mirror techniques, rotation techniques, alignment techniques among others, will be explained by the domain expert.

six weeks training in AutoCAD Course Syllabus in Chandigarh:


  • Basics of CAD
  • Creating Orthographic drawings
  • Creating Isometric & Perspective drawings
  • Modifying AutoCAD drawing
  • Creating & editing hatching utilities/text
  • Enquire information-List
  • ID
  • Distance
  • Area
  • Dimensioning
  • Creating & editing blocks
  • Design centre
  • Xref
  • Script files
  • Plotting

AutoCAD 3D

  • 3D Modeling Concepts in Autocad
  • Viewpoint & UCS
  • Wireframe Modeling & Editing<
  • Solid
  • Mesh
  • Surface (Modeling & Editing)
  • Materials
  • Lights & Rendering
  • Working with Images
  • Import & Export
  • Project
  • Interview Preparation


Six weeks training in Autocad mainly focuses on providing professional industry oriented training of AutoCAD in 2D, 3D modules and also imparts expert training in Basic Customization using experts from the industry….

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Six weeks training in autocad


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