What is Web Designing?

Six Weeks Industrial Training in Web designing is not new for today’s arena .it is an element of today’s it industry .web designing is the planning and making of websites.Web designing deals with the technique of developing a website .a web developer make use of picture, text,html5, responsive web page design,css3, information architectural design, colors, fonts as well as interactive elements to produce a web page .web designers use markup language mostly HTML for developing structure and CSS for display .it refers to an artwork of display .

What will you learn?

Six Weeks Industrial Training in Web Designing We rely on the concept that the attractiveness of a website is the first impression on readers. High-quality design and style of any website is the kickoff point for any website. We have a skilled team of professionals for Web Designing who have long been involved in designing successful websites in all categories.

  • How exactly does the World Wide Web works?
  • Basic to Advanced website design techniques.
  • Creating website elements like buttons, banners & Bars last but not least complete UI designs.
  • Setting up page layout, color schemes, contract, typography in the designs.
  • Writing light and efficient for web pages running on different web browsers.
  • Forms and validations for your website.
  • Creating professional websites with crisp graphics for your business or service.

Web Designing Course Details:

  • Design Photoshop & Dreamweaver
  • Design Principles.
  • UI/UX Training
  • Semantic Coding:
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Introduction to HTML5,
  • Jquery
  • Responsive Web Design

Live Project and Certification:

  • WordPress Training
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Twitter Bootstrap Project
  • Parallax Scrolling for Web Design

Why Choose Us?

Six Weeks Industrial Training in Web Designing We take a unique and innovative approach. Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd was established in 2001 to provide world-class professional training in the web designing students connect with the subject they need to master. Netmax is the market leader in web designing. We are a pioneer for launching new courses that will help students to get placed and excel in their career. In training, our skilled and experienced team is committed to providing Quality in Education.

Six Weeks Industrial Training in Web Designing

Six Weeks Industrial Training in Web Designing


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