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Top 10 Companies in Chandigarh

Top 10 Companies in Chandigarh
Training in Chandigarh

Are you searching for the best Top 10 Companies in Chandigarh? Then you have come to the right place! During this training period, college student and university students have found best training company that would Help them to decide the perfect path for their professional career and get them great job & placement.

Don’t worry your searching is over we have listed down below the best top 10 Companies in Chandigarh:-

                                  Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd

Top 10 Companies in Chandigarh

Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd is ranked #1 in Chandigarh. The best place to get six months and six weeks training in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Chandigarh, as well as the whole of India since 2001, get best 6 months and 6 weeks training in embedded systems ,internet of things, raspberry pi, IoT, Python, Arduino, networking, java, android, civil engineering, mechanical engineering. Netmax Technologies has been in the market for a long time and also has aspired 1000 of college students and the university student to get their dream job. We provide high-quality services and placement assistance.

CaddPrimeTop 10 Companies in Chandigarh

Caddprimer is ranked #2 in Chandigarh. is the best cad and cadd training company in Chandigarh. Caddprimer in the best place to get the state of the art industrial training in Chandigarh

infosys top comanies in chnadigarhInfosys Technologies Ltd

Infosys is ranked #3 in Chandigarh, due to its spacious campus at IT park. It has a reputation among all the IT professionals. Infosys is situated at Block No. A and B in Chandigarh IT Park.

Tech MahindraTop 10 Companies in Chandigarh

Tech Mahindra is ranked #4 in Chandigarh. Tech Mahindra represents the connected worldwide, connected experience a worldwide market leader in BPO,  IT solutions, digital technologies and business consulting services.

Top 10 Companies in ChandigarhSwaraj ( Mahindra and Mahindra)

Swaraj is ranked #5 in Chandigarh. Swaraj creates unique services experience nearer to your village and town. Regular services camps are held at fixed location in the village where a farmer can come at his convenience to get his tractor serviced & repaired. Authorized Swaraj mechanics ensures your tractor is very carefully handled

CBLTop 10 Companies in Chandigarh

CBL is ranked #6 in Chandigarh. Since its inception, Bridgend Limited  has become respected globally for its commitment to the development of system software program for IBM Mainframe Computers, mainly, as a result of the good results of its flagship product, which now has a global customer base


Top 10 Companies in ChandigarhAirtel is ranked #7 in Chandigarh. Bharti Airtel Limited is an Indian worldwide telecommunications services company based in New Delhi, India. It works in 18 countries across South Africa and Asia. Airtel provides 3g, 2g and 4g mobile services, fixed line high-speed broadband and voice services based on the country of the procedure. It is the largest mobile phone network operator in India and the 3rd biggest in the world with 400 million customers and subscribers


Top 10 Companies in Chandigarh

Promatics is ranked #8 in Chandigarh. Promatics is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company is a trusted name for all the brand investors. Promatics work portfolio includes Project Management, Cloud Solutions, and IT Solutions we have its presence in different countries of USA and in the Europe. It is now involved in the list of the largest software program and IT companies in Chandigarh.

                                     Smart Data

Top 10 Companies in Chandigarh

Smart Data is ranked #9 in Chandigarh. It offers the top quality cost effective software programs development solutions to their clients in America, Europe, USA, and Australia. It started its project in 1997 and deals with the top most players of Health Care, Real Estate, E-learning sector and E-commerce


Top 10 Companies in Chandigarh

Reliance Communications has established a pan-India upcoming generation, integrated ( wireline and wireless ), convergent ( video, data and voice ) digital network that is effective at helping best-of-class services spanning the entire communications value chain, covering over 20,000 cities and towns and over 390,000 villages. Reliance Communications owns and operates the world’s biggest next generation IP enabled connectivity infrastructure, comprising over 270,000 kilometers of fiber optic cable systems in Europe, USA, India, Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region.


All of these companies are best Top 10 Companies in Chandigarh. but the Netmax is ranked #1 training company in Chandigarh for more detail about six weeks and six-month training in Chandigarh contact

Top 10 Companies Chandigarh

Summer Training in Jammu and kashmir for Six weeks

Six Weeks Training in Jammu and kashmir

Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd provides the best six months/Six weeks Summer Training in JSix Weeks Training in Jammu and kashmirammu and Kashmir of different fields for B.Tech student, Diploma student, BCA student, M.E student, M.Tech student, B.Sc student, M.Phil student. Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd is having high tech highly advanced telecom system labs, a self-sustained campus packed with facilities for learners, and great infrastructure. Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd a pioneer in developing innovative tuition programs which help university and college students to get placed and thrive in their professional career. To grow in their future.

Netmax is the technology leader of embedded systems platform development, IoT,  civil tuition, cad/cam, Cisco networking, Plc Automation, software development, Android software, Digital marketing development since 2001 and also introduces new six weeks summer training in Jammu and Kashmir.


Courses offered in Six Weeks Summer Training in Jammu and Kashmir:

  • CAD/CAM Tuition

Get trained in CAD/CAM software with our Partner CADD Primer in NETMAX private limited

  • Network Tuition

Cisco Training from CCNA to CCIE which is topmost course from CISCO, REDHAT Linux, and MCITP is provided in NETMAX private limited.

  • Software Tuition

Latest courses in JAVA, DotNet, PHP, Android, and iPhone application development with Live Project Hosting. Learn them with NETMAX private limited.

  • Embedded System

Build cool projects & robots in our Robotics Course or Control industries with PLC/SCADA courses. with top latest technologies in NETMAX private limited.

  • Digital Marketing

Build your skills in digital marketing and know who to develop your sites.

  • IoT training 

Internet of things training is used to extends the internet beyond computers and smartphones to a whole range of new things is provided by NETMAX technologies private limited.

Why choose Netmax Technologies for Six Weeks Summer Training in Jammu and Kashmir?

  • Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd has the rising, successful, and most up-to-date knowledge and technology to provide which provides summer training in Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd provides excellent features, an impressive training place, and an amazing opportunity for the growth of their students within six weeks of summer training in Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd has a skilled team and incredible talent to teach which will give you summer training in Jammu and Kashmir
  • Our teachers are highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals with years of experience in the field of industrial training which will help you to grow.
  • Students trained from Netmax are well placed in India and abroad pursuing a successful professional career so as you can.

Netmax Technologies has no office for Six Weeks Training in Jammu and Kashmir please contact us at our Chandigarh office for Training:

Six Weeks Training in Jammu and kashmir

Register yourself under summer training in Jammu and Kashmir for six weeks under NETMAX Technologies private limited.

PLC SCADA Training in Chandigarh | Mohali | with Certification

PLC SCADA Training in Netmax Technologies
PLC SCADA Training in Netmax Technologies

Netmax technologies provide an advanced six-month PLC SCADA Training in Chandigarh

educational Enroll for Live online classprogram for students with Bachelor’s degrees in Engineering. At the present time, Netmax works with students and people looking for a bright future in various professional programs. Netmax technologies offer different programs, such as six-month training in  AUTOMATION training in Chandigarh, Embedded systems, IOT development, digital marketing, and all the other IT and electronics courses as well.

The abrupt computer used to produce factory equipment is (Programmable Logic Controller). this controller helps to create a particular automated cycle, to operate some type of machine, even to support the entire production line in the automatic process.

PLC SCADA Training in Netmax Technologies


Why PLC is used in Automation?

A programmable logic controller is a microprocessor device that does not have a keyboard, mouse or camera. It is designed to survive extremely difficult manufacturing conditions.

The computing interface is a distinguished type designed for use in industrial control systems. It provides a sturdy architecture and special mechanical properties, including sequential control, simple scripting, timers and clocks, easy-to-use hardware and accurate monitoring functions.

This is also widely used to control traffic signaling and lifts in civil applications such as washing machines. In many sectors, the manufacturing processes and building systems are monitored and controlled.

Once programmed, the carries out a sequence of events induced by stimuli named as inputs. These stimuli are received by delayed actions such as counted occurrences or delays.

The role of a Programmable Logic Controller in industrial automation. Programmable Controllers are similar to industrial computers. They are used in industrial automation to increase reliability, system stability and performance, minimizing the need for human operators and the chances of human error.

Which PLC is mostly used in industry?

Today, three of the top manufacturers have been mentioned. Siemens is perhaps the most popular in the world. For all projects, Siemens delivers anything, big and small. Allen-Bradley by Rockwell Automation is one of the biggest and most famous in the United States.

Main components of a PLC?

  • Central Processing Unit (CPU)- Processor
  • Input and Output Assembly
  • Mounting or Rack
  • Power Supply
  • Programming Unit


Enroll for Live online class

What is PLC Automation Learning Topics –

  • Introduction of different types of PLC,
  • Industrial Automation Introduction of equipment and
  • Function in Industrial Automation Application for Field Systems linked to PLCs and Architral Development
  • PLC Principles and Components Block Map – Energy Supply,
  • I / O Modules,
  • Input Connection Sort,

Learn from Practical exposure 

  • Practical on Programming Software
  • Learning Industrial Application like Autodrill machine, Ware filling boilers, RAM Press
  • Practical Learning Monitoring of Programs, Downloading, Uploading
  • Forcing O/P, I/O
  • Practicals Learning on how to write programs, case studies
  • Practical Learning How to Troubleshooting and fault diagnostics
  • Introduction to DAQFactory SCADA Systems  (As Netmax Technologies provides best PLC SCADA Trainings in Chandigarh)
  • All PLCs monitor inputs and other variable values, make decisions based on a stored program, and control outputs to automate a process or machine.

Whats is Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition?

  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition , a computer-based control system for the monitoring and collection of data for an industrial process such as manufacturing, manufacture, generation of power, manufacture, and refining, is the data collection system for monitoring. In industrial automation, SCADA is very significant.
  • A human-machine or HMI interface portion of the SCADA or subsystem, Remote control systems, Programmable Logic Controller, Communication Infrastructure, and Various processes and analytical instruments are components of the SCADA.
  • This software is provided by various automation firms, such as Wonderware, Rockwell, Siemens, and GE Fanuc.
  • For sectors like telecommunications, water, and waste management, electricity, oil and gas refining, and transportation, SCADA systems are used in the monitoring and regulation of a plant or machinery.

Why chose Netmax Technologies for PLC SCADA Training in Chandigarh

Netmax technologies provide the highest standard of PLC SCADA  training in Chandigarh. Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd. offers 6 weeks of Summer SCADA Training in Chandigarh,  PLC Automation Training in Chandigarh for B.E. graduates, B.Tech, M.Tech, BCA, MCA students, and Diploma students. Netmax qualified graduates are among the largest corporations.

Feel free to contact us for more details about PLC SCADA Training in Chandigarh, Automation Training in Chandigarh, SCADA training in Chandigarh Netmax Techlogoies office:

Join Best PLC SCADA’s training in Chandigarh and Plc SCADA training in Mohali with Certification.

Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd has the rising, successful, and most up-to-date knowledge and technology to provide

Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd provides excellent features, an impressive training place, and an amazing opportunity for the growth of their students.

Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd has a skilled team and incredible talent to teach which will give you the best knowledge.

Our teachers are highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals with years of experience in the field of industrial training which will help you to grow.

Students trained from Netmax are well placed in India and abroad pursuing a successful professional career so as you can.

Internship for ECE students

Internship for ECE students

Netmax Technologies is offering industry-level paid as well as a free internship for ECE students in India. It is an industry centered program in which trainees work inside  internship for ECE studentselectronic industry while understanding about electronics.

Our programs are industry validated and with 100% job support guarantee. Netmax has got link ups with numerous electronic companies who would be happy to take in these students post internship. Training programs are executed inside our high-tech labs packed with facilities and equipment for learners.

You will find 2 kinds of internship programs – paid and free, with integrated certification courses. You may also sign up for our scholarship programs according to your past academic performance.

Paid Internship for ECE students:

Intended for students from the second, third and fourth year of BE / B. Tech. courses (Electronics, Electronics & Telecommunication, Instrumentation, Electrical).

IOT – Internet of Things with PythonInternship for ECE students

This internship program addresses embedded systems, the Raspberry Pi Platform, and the Arduino workplace for creating digital devices which can regulate the physical world. You’ll employ the techniques you mastered by designing, building, and testing a microcontroller-based embedded system, producing an exclusive project well suited for presenting to future employers.


Internship for ECE studentsInternship for ECE studentsArduino is a single-board microcontroller to help make using electronics in multidisciplinary tasks much more easily accessible. Backed up by AVR Family Microcontroller, Arduino is an open supply platform for Embedded Application Development. We offer top quality and proper Arduino Training in the Chandigarh area with workshop, Course Material, Tutorials,  and                                                               Practicals.

Internship for ECE studentsAVR Microcontroller

AVR Microcontrollers are the most recent ones in the market. It really is a plus point to study AVR Microcontroller to get noticed from the masses.

                                                      ARM microcontroller

Internship for ECE studentsARM microcontroller training lays focus on providing specifics of NXP’s ARM7 (LPC21xx) processor. Training shall be imparted on ARM Microcontroller Development Board to bestow the attendees with the proficiency required by the embedded systems marketplace. The training course generally deals with ARM7 architecture, tools .debugging techniques and protocols Interfacing of IO device is also tutored by continuing to keep a focus on various interfacing methods using i2c,spi, usart, can ,ethernet , zigbee.

PLC AutomationInternship for ECE students

There is certainly a substantial need for control and automation engineers in India. All kinds of industries, including automobiles, pulp, food and beverages, pharma, cement, construction, paper, chemical, mining, infrastructure or perhaps energy generation and transmission, use automation engineering and technology in small, depending on the machinery, medium or high levels or process.

Internship for ECE studentsCCNA

CCNA training curriculum is planned by networking specialists with a total experience of almost 15 years in the networking sector. The advance of this program was the meeting point of all these networking experts to which they contributed their enchanting ideas, real-world experience,  guidelines, and challenges which contributed towards this interesting training course.

Android app development with JAVAInternship for ECE students

Android app training program which we offer is entirely tailored in accordance with present IT industry and seasoned faculty cum developers possessing more than 5 years of practical experience in the field will provide you hands-on training which involves all training of OOPs concept and Eclipse IDE. After the training programs student will end up being self-reliant in developing Android Apps using Java programming language.

Free Internship for ECE students:

Trainees can also avail free internship under these programs if the satisfy one of the following conditions:

  • Expert level knowledge in IOT and Python
  • Expert in PLC SCADA Automation
  • Expert in Arduino or Raspberry Pi
  • Expert level knowledge of ARM Microcontroller
  • Professional experience in CCNA or Android(JAVA).

We have limited seats in the internship for ECE students so contact us immediately for further details at the following address:
Internship for ECE studentsInternship for ECE students

6 Weeks | Six Weeks Training in Web Development

Six Weeks Training in Web Development


Web-developers are builders as well as problem-solvers.

Almost every web page, app, as well as the piece of software you choose to work on on a daily basis was created by a web developer, from Snapchat as well as Instagram to Buzzfeed and CNN .com. Developers love to dream up a crazy idea or identify such a big problem, and then come up with a masterful solution.Six Weeks Training in Web Development you definitely will love discovering how to take your crazy creative ideas as well as build it into an interactive web application.

Will become an architect of our digital future.

Are you interested in Six Weeks Training in Web Development at Chandigarh? Do you want to become an expert at the latest Web Development skills? Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd leads to a highly motivating, wide-ranging course in Web Development that may help you learn the basics as well as professional skills.Explore the classes available as well as learn web development techniques and tips using HTML5 as well as JavaScript, plus back-end, server-side development with MVC and additionally C#.We have the most impressive web development teams in India to work on Open Source Customization, Joomla Template Conversion, Website Development, WordPress Theme Creation, WordPress Template Conversion, and Development.

Web Development Services:

  • Classified Websites
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • B2B, B2C and C2C websites
  • Content Management System
  • Shopping Cart Development
  • E-commerce Application Development
  • Travel/News/Job Portals
  • Custom Programming Solutions
  • Social Networking Websites
  • Website Maintenance


Don’t know the first thing on the topic of technology? Then this class is for you. HTML, as well as CSS, are the generating blocks of the web. Learn how to framework, design and launch your own website in class. Don’t worry about getting stuck – We’re here to answer any kind of questions you have along the way!

Six Weeks Training in Web Development YOU WILL LEARN: HTML CSS FTP Domains Hosting

JavaScript & jQuery

The web is an interactive medium! Understand how to design impressive user experiences and then translate those dreams into motion using JavaScript as well as jQuery. JavaScript is fast becoming THE language of the mobile web, as well as jQuery is the #8 fastest growing job keyword!

Six Weeks Training in Web Development YOU WILL LEARN: JavaScript jQuery

Ruby, Git & The Command Line

Once you’ve learned how to build the front end of a new website, understand how to make it function with Ruby, a back-end programming language! And then create your personal weather forecasting app.

Six Weeks Training in Web Development YOU WILL LEARN: Ruby Command Line Git & GitHub

 For more details please contact us at:

Six Weeks Training in Web Development

6 Weeks | Six Weeks Training in PHP

Six Weeks Training in PHP

Hypertext Preprocessor is the general-purpose programming language for the server area scripting language for the web development. In addition to that, the codes have the efficiency of deploying on the most web servers, operating systems as well as platforms for Graphical user interface applications. The 3 things that make it popular are that it is very easy: easy to use, easy to learn, easy to implement. As well it is free as well as runs on almost any web server. It is both a scripting language as well as a collection of specialty tools to perform various attributes in an HTTP as well as the web. It actually can create dynamic and even fixed websites.six weeks training in PHP encourages the students to be a creative as well as an innovative designer over HTTP. Definitely, to mention regarding the trainers, the institute should have dynamic as well as professional’s expertise to provide the overall concept in a delicate along with an intelligible manner. Among various training classes, Netmax technologies are one those, having manageable experienced trainers to deliver the best concept to the students.six weeks training in PHP The team of professionals over this institute has the wide spectrum to make the dreams alive of the web developer.


  • Programming with PHP
  • PHP language building blocks
  • Writing PHP scripts
  • Writing Web Pages with PHP
  • Interacting with the server
  • Manipulation user input
  • Applying Advanced Scripting Techniques
  • Exploiting the built-in functionality of PHP
  • Structuring PHP Code
  • Building Complete Web Applications
  • Managing errors
  • Handling problematic situations
  • Establishing database connectivity
  • String Manipulation and Regular Expression
  • Table of Contents
  • Basic Syntax and programming with PHP:
  • PHP with Web Design
  • Introducing ARRAY
  • Interacting with the file system and the Server
  • String Manipulation and Regular Expression
  • Reusing Code and Writing Functions
  • Object Oriented PHP
  • Session and Cookie
  • MySQL Database and SQL
  • Advanced PHP Techniques
  • JavaScript & CSS

6 Weeks | Six Weeks Training in PHP For more details please contact us at:

6 weeks | six weeks training in php


6 Weeks | Six Weeks training in CCNA

6 weeks six weeks training in CCNA

Learn CCNA(Cisco Certified Network Associate):

Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd was established in 2001 to provide world-class professional six weeks training in CCNA. Netmax is Training candidates from Various industries Like Airtel, tech Mahindra, Accenture, Infosys,  HFCL connect and Students from Various  Colleges and universities in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and J&K since 2001. Netmax Technologies is Pioneer in Practical CCNA Training in Chandigarh Mohali and Punjab. Netmax gives you most popular Cisco Routers and devices Lab in the region.
Six Weeks training in CCNA The Cisco exams have changed a couple of times. In 2013, Cisco introduced an update to its certification program that “aligns certification as well as training curricula with increasing industry job roles.There are now many different types of Cisco-Certified Network Associate, with “CCNA Routing as well as Switching” being closest to the original CCNA focus; other types of CCNA focus on security, cloud, collaboration, security operations, design, data center technologies, industrial plants, service providers, as well as wireless. 

Six Weeks training in CCNA is one of the certification which started the trend of online certification in the world. This is well-known network certification six weeks training in CCNA. Netmax providing CCNA training from last 15 years. The training is being provided by network engineers who are CCNA or CCNP certified. Netmax is providing Six Weeks training in CCNA  V3.0. The exam number of CCNA is 200-105. The recent exam number has totally changed and upgraded its curriculum. The syllabus includes many new topics that are in demand today in the industry. The SNMP V3 which was not part of CCNA earlier will be covered in more depth now. The AAA server which is very crucial in providing role-based access controls has been added to CCNA version 3.0.The QOS which is used to provide class-based priority to the Many different traffic classes has been added to the curriculum of CCNA v3 .0. Netmax covers six weeks training in CCNA 100% practicals class and Netmax provides best six weeks training in CCNA certification training. Netmax labs are implemented with the advanced hardware that is required for the CCNA certification. The lab for CCNA is built with more than 50 routers and switches. The series of routers that is used 2900, 1900,3800,2800,1800. The series of switches being used is 3750, 3560,2550,2950,2960.

six weeks training in CCNA Course Syllabus in Chandigarh:

CCNA v3 (200-125):

  • Introduction to computer networks
  • Network devices (router, switch, firewalls)
  • Implement LAN cabling
  • Collision & broadcast domains
  • TCP/IP & OSI model
  • Cisco IOS command line configuration
  • Network verification with ping, telnet, SSH
  • GUI based configuration using CCP

IP addressing IPv4/IPv6:

  • IPublic & private ipv4 Addresses
  • IPv4 VLSM & subnetting
  • IPv6 addressing
  • Dual stacking

Network Device Security:

  • Device password security
  • Enable secret Vs to enable
  • SSH, VTYs & service password
  • Configuring switch security
  • MAC address Limitation


  • Troubleshoot common network problems
  • Solving VLAN problems
  • Trunking problems Isolation
  • Troubleshoot layer 1 problem
  • Solving routing & Spanning tree Issues
  • Identifying routing problems
  • CISCO Enterprise IT specialist Certifications

CCNA VOIP (640-461):

  •  Cisco unified communication solution
  • Administrator and end user interfaces
  • Cisco IP phone
  • Cisco IP communicator
  • Call flows in CUCM & CUCM Express
  • Endpoint & end user administration
  • Enabling End user telephony and mobility features
  • Unity connection and unified presence
  • Configuring private telephone exchange
  • Calling to private network /public network

CCNA Security (640-554):

  • Describe common security threats
  • Email-based attacks
  • Web-based attacks
  • Worm based attacks
  • Worm, virus & trojan horse attacks
  • Implement security on cisco routers
  • Implement AAA on cisco routers
  • Implement AAA on ASA
  • Describe TACACS + & Radius
  • Describe different types of ACLs
  • Cisco firewall Technologies
  • Implement Cisco ASA
  • Describe IPS development
  • VPN technologies Implementation

Six Weeks training in CCNA For more details please contact us at:

6 Weeks | Six Weeks training in CCNA

6 Weeks | Six Weeks training in CCNA

6 Weeks | Six weeks training in Himachal

six weeks training in himachal

Netmax provides best in class Six weeks training in Himachal. Netmax Technologies Pvt Six weeks training in HimachalLtd is one of the best known Training company in North India. Netmax Technologies is having high tech, innovative and highly advanced telecom system labs, great infrastructure and a self-sustained campus packed with facilities for learners.

Our trainers are highly skilled professionals with years of experience in the field of industrial training. Students trained from Netmax are well placed in India and abroad pursuing a successful professional career.

Courses offered in Six weeks training in Himachal:

Software Training

Latest courses in JAVA, PHP, Python with IOT, Android and iPhone Application Development with Live Project Hosting.

Network Training

Cisco Training from CCNA to CCIE which is top most course from MCITP, REDHAT Linux, CISCO and Cloud Computing

Embedded System

Build cool projects & robots in our Robotics Course or Control Industries with PLC/SCADA Courses, Automation, Arduino, Raspberry pi

CAD/CAM Training

Get trained in CAD/CAM software with our Partner CADD Primer

Why choose Netmax Technologies for Six weeks training in Himachal?

We provide an impressive training place, excellent features and remarkable opportunity for growth. We have the successful, rising and most up-to-date technology and knowledge. We have an incredibly talented and skilled team. What makes us a cohesive team is our interest and

What makes us a cohesive team is our interest and enthusiasm for what we do and our faith in our training objective to help others. We are having a committed team for the learner’s placement support. By providing expert and skilled trainers who are best at effective delivery, of course, we prepare the trainees for their profession. After being

After being properly trained at NetMax Technologies Pvt. Ltd., the students are able to get wide experience by changing their thoughts into real new applications and software management for the sites and the whole computing enterprise. To teach effectively NetMax Technologies is visualizing all the components you want.

Netmax technologies has no office in Himachal. Feel free to contact us for more details about Six weeks training in Himachal at our Chandigarh office:Six weeks training in Himachal


6 Weeks | Six Weeks Training in Java

six weeks training in java

Gain knowledge in Java:

Six Weeks Training in Java is a programming language as well as computing platform originally launched by Sun Microsystems in 1995. There are millions of applications and websites that will not work unless you have Java installed, and more are manufactured every day. Java is faster, secure and safe, as well as reliable. From laptops to datacenters, game consoles to scientific supercomputers, cell phones to the Internet, Six Weeks Training in Java is everywhere around you!Based on Oracle, there are more than 8 .7 million Java developers everywhere around the world and more as compared to 2 .9 billion mobile phones running on Java. This provides Java developers have a massive platform to promote their talents.The Java Virtual Machine is only one form of Java software it is involved in web interaction and communication. The Java Virtual Machine is built right into your Java software download and helps run Java applications.

Why Choose Us?

Netmax Technologies well-equipped six weeks training in java our hub in Chandigarh based on live project aspirants learn the skills for Introduction, loops, Overview, code framework, data flow modeling, data type, data objects, Programming with arrays, HTML5 Canvas, regular expressions. Our course on real-time assignments as well as placement training. Our Training in Chandigarh has been manufactured as per latest industry trends and keeping in mind the advanced course content as well as syllabus based on the professional requirement of the student; helping them to get placement in Multinational companies as well as achieve their professional career goals.

For more details please contact us at:

six weeks training in Java

six weeks training in Java

Summer Training For Civil Engineering Students

Summer Training For Civil Engineering Students

Netmax technologies Pvt Ltd is offering Best of the class Summer Training For CSummer Training For Civil Engineering Studentsivil Engineering Students. This Training program is based upon technologies like Construction Training or Structural Design Engineering. Netmax is the technology leader in the field of civil training, IOT, cisco networking, cad/cam, plc Automation, embedded systems platform development, software development since 2001.

Summer Training for Civil Engineering Students from Netmax technologies Pvt Ltd is the best way Civil Engineering students can increase practical skills during the summer time. This experience helps college students improve the most effective skills missing in their regular college or university course and Netmax gives a great experience of  Civil Engineering industry.

what is Civil Training?

Civil engineering is a specialized engineering Niche that consists of building, planning, and upkeep of the physical and naturally constructed habitat, which includes works such as roadways, bridges, canals, dams, and in addition to buildings. It happens to be the most ancient engineering field after military engineering. Civil Engineering niche has got sub-disciplines which include geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, geodesy, geophysics, structural engineering, control engineering, nanotechnology, biomechanics, transportation engineering,  transportation engineering, earth science, forensic engineering, municipal or atmospheric sciences, water resources engineering, engineering construction coastal, surveying, and urban engineering.Civil engineering is necessary at all stages: from municipal to nationwide governing bodies, in the community sector and from personal property owners to global enterprises in the private segment.

Six Weeks Summer Training For Civil Engineering Students.

Civil Structural Design Training program has been first time introduced in North India. This Six Weeks Industrial Training course is a career-focused training course. After accomplishment of Six Weeks Summer Training For Civil Engineering Students, they can begin their career journey as, Production Engineer, Structural Design Engineer, Consultant Engineer, Maintenance Engineer or Project Engineer.

For more details about Summer Training For Civil Engineering Students please contact us at:

Summer Training For Civil Engineering Students

Summer Training For Civil Engineering Students