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    Netmax technologies provide an advanced six-month

    educational Enroll for Live online classprogram for students with Bachelor’s degrees in Engineering. At the present time, Netmax works with students and people looking for a bright future in various professional programs. Netmax technologies offer different programs, such as six-month training in PLC SCADA training in Chandigarh (plc automation training in Chandigarh, SCADA training in Chandigarh), Embedded systems, IOT development, digital marketing, and all the other IT and electronics courses as well.

    The abrupt computer used to produce factory equipment is PLC or (Programmable Logic Controller). PLC, this controller, helps to create a particular automated cycle, to operate some type of machine, even to support the entire production line in the automatic process.

    PLC SCADA Training in Netmax Technologies
    PLC SCADA Training in Netmax Technologies


    Why PLC is used in Automation?

    A programmable logic controller (PLC) is a microprocessor device that does not have a keyboard, mouse or camera. It is designed to survive extremely difficult manufacturing conditions.

    Industrial PLC The computing interface is a distinguished type designed for use in industrial control systems. It provides a sturdy architecture and special mechanical properties, including sequential control, simple scripting, timers and clocks, easy-to-use hardware and accurate monitoring functions.

    The PLC is also widely used to control traffic signaling and lifts in civil applications such as washing machines. In many sectors, the manufacturing processes and building systems are monitored and controlled.

    Once programmed, the PLC carries out a sequence of events induced by stimuli named as inputs. These stimuli are received by delayed actions such as counted occurrences or delays.

    Which PLC is mostly used in industry?

    Today, three of the top PLC manufacturers have been mentioned. Siemens is perhaps the most popular in the world. For all projects, Siemens delivers anything, big and small. Allen-Bradley by Rockwell Automation is one of the biggest and most famous in the United States.

    Main components of a PLC?

    • Central Processing Unit (CPU)- Processor
    • Input and Output Assembly
    • Mounting or Rack
    • Power Supply
    • Programming Unit


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    What is PLC Automation Learning Topics –

    • Introduction of different types of PLC,
    • Industrial Automation Introduction of PLC equipment and
    • Function in Industrial Automation Application for Field Systems linked to PLCs and Architral Development
    • PLC Principles and PLC Components Block Map – Energy Supply,
    • I / O Modules,
    • Input Connection Sort,

    Learn from Practical exposure 

    • Practical on PLC Programming Software
    • Learning Industrial Application like Autodrill machine, Ware filling boilers, RAM Press
    • Practical Learning Monitoring of Programs, Downloading, Uploading
    • Forcing O/P, I/O
    • Practicals Learning on how to write programs, case studies
    • Practical Learning How to Troubleshooting and fault diagnostics of PLC
    • Introduction to DAQFactory SCADA Systems  (As Netmax Technologies provides best PLC SCADA Training in Chandigarh)

    Whats is SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)?

    • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), a computer-based control system for the monitoring and collection of data for an industrial process such as manufacturing, manufacture, generation of power, manufacture, and refining, is the data collection system for monitoring. In industrial automation, SCADA is very significant.
    • A human-machine or HMI interface portion of the SCADA or subsystem, Remote control systems, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Communication Infrastructure and Various processes and analytical instruments are components of the SCADA.
    • This software is provided by various automation firms, such as Wonderware, Rockwell, Siemens, and GE Fanuc.
    • For sectors like telecommunications, water, and waste management, electricity, oil and gas refining, and transportation, SCADA systems are used in the monitoring and regulation of a plant or machinery.

    Why chose Netmax Technologies for PLC SCADA Training in Chandigarh

    Netmax technologies provide the highest standard of SCADA  training in Chandigarh. Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd. offers 6 weeks of Summer SCADA Training in Chandigarh,  PLC Automation Training in Chandigarh for B.E. graduates, B.Tech, M.Tech, BCA, MCA students, and Diploma students. Netmax qualified graduates are among the largest corporations.

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