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AVR Microcontroller Training in Chandigarh | Mohali

AVR Microcontroller Training in Chandigarh

Since 2005, The Core Systems has been providing best-in-class AVR microcontroller training in Chandigarh. For microcontroller project development and implementation, Core Systems has created a variety of development modules for AVR as well as other microcontroller platforms such as PIC, ARM, Arduino, Raspberry PI, and others. Core Systems has also created a number of ISP Burning Systems for loading microcontroller code.

Mohali | Chandigarh AVR Microcontroller Training
Mohali | Chandigarh AVR Microcontroller Training

Why use AVR microcontrollers for six-week and six-month industrial training in Chandigarh?

Core Systems has developed a Special Hardware Development Board for Avr training that can be used for Avr Microcontroller training and project development.

In 1996, Atmel introduced the AVR as a modified Harvard design 8-bit / 16-bit / 32-bit RISC single-chip microcontroller. The AVR was one of the first microcontroller families to use on-chip flash memory for programme storage, as opposed to the more common One-Time Programmable ROM, EPROM, or EEPROM used by other microcontrollers at the time. Nowadays, a well-known Embedded Systems Platform known as Arduino is used. The Arduino platform is based on the well-known Atmega328 and Atmega2560 AVR Controllers.

“The AVR architecture was created by Alf-Egil Bogen and Vegard Wollan, two students at the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH) in Norway.”

The following are the course’s contents:

  • The distinction between the microcontroller families MC-51 (CISC) and AVR (RISC).
  • The RISC architecture of the AVR family’s microcontrollers
  • A Comparison of AVR Mic Microcontrollers ( Atmega8515, ATmega8535, ATmega8, Atmega16 etc.)
  • Details on the ATmega8515, ATmega8535, ATmega8, ATmega16, and other pins
  • Embedded C programming, as well as a number of Embedded C compilers
  • Machine code burning techniques and software
  • AVR microcontroller hardware interface and programming in embedded c of the following external and on-chip devices:

Led (using PORTS as Output)

  • Switch ( Using PORTS as input) ( Using PORTS as input)
  • Matrix relay keyboard (To control Switching of AC devices e.g. Bulb, Fan, Heater, etc.)
  • Stepper Motors (Speed and Direction Control)
  • a direct current motor (Speed and Direction Control)
  • LCD display system based on an AVR microcontroller
  • a seven-segment display
  • Only one channel Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC0804)
  • Multiple Channel Analog to Digital Converter (adc809)
  • Converters from analogue to digital
  • I2C-based Serial Real-Time Clock (DS1307)
  • The microcontroller and the PC communicate serially. In the programming of two microcontrollers, both hardware and software interrupts are used.
  • Programming and practical implementation of an on-chip PWM generator for timer and counter PWM generation.
  • Analog Comparator Programming on-chip and Practical Implementation
  • Programming and practical implementation of an on-chip multichannel analogue to digital converter for sensor interfacing (Atmega8535, Atmega8, Atmega16).
  • AVR Microcontroller Evaluation Boards are designed and tested using AVR Microcontrollers.

AVR Microcontroller Training in Chandigarh


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