CaddPrimer Chandigarh is offering Best of the class Six weeks training in Plant Design since 2009. Caddprimer is providing an array of the foundational core not to mention industry-specific mechanical CAD Training Courses. Our design program industrial training will make you the most effective and also innovative CAD user possible. Regardless of whether you are learning from the ground up, aspire to expertise your current skill-set or even understand practical project to elevate your career.

How is Six weeks training in Plant Design good for you? 

With routing systems, you can streamline design and information of piping and tubing for an array of systems and functions, such as machinery, skid technologies, and also process plant piping. A significant part of the design and also engineering input constitutes of Process design, plant layout and design of piping systems. The intent is to model secure and also reliable processing facilities in a cost efficient way. There are some professional training courses with an extensive coverage of all the three primary topics of process design, plant layout and design of piping systems. Consequently, many of the needed skills are obtained while on the job, lowering performance and efficiency

Topics to be covered in six weeks Plant Design Training are:

six weeks training in plant design

  • Basics of Plant design and Usage of Solidworks for Plant design and piping.
  • Basics of Solidworks i.e. feature design, surface design and Sheet metal design using Solidworks Design environment
  • Assembly Using Solidworks Design environment.
  • Advanced modeling using SolidWorks
  • Piping Routes for plant design using Solidworks Piping and the routing module.
  • Piping Fittings example T fittings, L fittings etc
  • Tubing Routes and its designing
  • Designing of Pipe and Tube Routing Components such as containers, tanks, flanges, valves etc.
  • Using SolidWorks routing manager
  • Using and customizing SolidWorks inbuilt design library for Plant and piping design


for further details regarding six weeks training in plant design please feel free to contact us at the following address:

six weeks training in plant design


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