Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd is one of the biggest Training company in North India. We provide best Six Weeks Training in Mechanical Engineering. our courses vary from Software, robotics, CAD, and CAM.

Mechanical is among the top most engineering branches in our country and also mechanical students possess the highest variety of profession choices available to them. As all, we understand Industrialized training courses are a compulsory curriculum for engineering students. netmaxTechnologies offers 100% practical guidance and also offer custom-made programs to render students ready for the industry.

What you will learn in Six Weeks Training in Mechanical Engineering:

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Netmax Technologies Chandigarh provides a wide selection of standard core along with industry specific mechanical CAD Training Courses.When you are looking at Top Notch industrial training for mechanical and civil engineer students along with an expert, in that case, Netmax Technologies is most beneficial in every attribute. Netmax Technologies provides Great CAD Training in Chandigarh which deals with almost all modules of Mechanical Design suite which range from Part design, Assembly, Sheet metal, Drafting, 3d simulation etc . below are the 3D modeling software we cover up:

  • SolidWorks is a solid modeler and also makes use of a parametric feature-based technique to develop models and also assemblies. Parameters signify restrictiSix Weeks Training in Mechanical Engineeringons whose values identify the structure or geometry of the design or assembly.Features refer to the
    building blocks of the part. They are really the sketches and also functions that develop the part. Shape-based features usually start with a 2D or 3D drawings of concepts for example bosses, holes, slots, etc. This form is then simply extruded or even cut down to include or even take away material from the piece. Operation-based features are not sketch-based and also incorporate features for example fillets, chamfers, shells, implementing a draft to the faces of a component, etc.


  • CATIA allows the designing of 3D components, from 3D drawings, sheet metal, composites, cast, forged or even tooling components up to the characterization of mechanical assemblies. The software program Six Weeks Training in Mechanical Engineeringoffers sophisticated systems for
    mechanical surfacing & BIW. It offers methods to finalized product definition, such as functional tolerances along with kinematics characterization. CATIA offers an array of applications for tooling design, for both common tooling and also mold & die. CATIA is one of the most in-demand course for Six Weeks Training in Mechanical Engineering.


  • AutoCAD is an industrial computer-aided design ( CAD ) and also drafting software program. Developed and also marketed by Autodesk, AutoCAD was firstly unveiled in
    December 1982 like a desktop computer app functioning on microcomputers with inner graphics controllers. since that time it has come a long way as it is being used in many mainstream companies

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